Professional Social Work Month Proclamation


WHEREAS Social Workers provide valuable services to empower all members of society to enhance their lives, doing so for very low wages, often becoming members of the working poor themselves;

WHEREAS Social Workers advocate for the worth and dignity of others, while often suffering mightily at the hands of their employers;

WHEREAS Social Workers are highly educated and hard-working professionals, who typically sacrifice their personal lives by carrying pagers, palm pilots, and cell phones on their days off;

WHEREAS Social Workers respect the worth and dignity of their clients, while frequently enduring their verbal abuse and physical threats;

Seal of ApprovalThe Fried Social Worker hereby proclaims March 2008 Fried Social Worker Month! The Fried Social Worker calls on social work employers everywhere to recognize their staff with a much-deserved raise, a gesture of appreciation such as a catered meal, and a day off with pay!


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