Social Worker Billy Ray 


My coworker Billy Ray LloydBill Ray, MSW
Found his career totally destroyed
By budget cuts
And job routine ruts
And clients he never enjoyed.

He had a scheduled meeting with Sue
Who came to the office with flu.
Despite his objection
She sneezed in his direction
And then Billy caught it too!

If being sick weren't bad enough
Our boss was rather gruff.
He said no way
Could Billy take a sick day
Because men are supposed to be tough.

My peers and I were appalled
At the rate at which he grew bald.
Too much stress
His life in a mess
His career totally stalled.

Billy was slow to learn
That MSWs crash and burn.
They get stuck in a hole
With no control
And stress is a major concern.

Yes, our social worker Billy Ray
Had a many a bad work day.
This nice guy from Bistum
Fed up with abuse of the system
Wanted a job with a little more pay.

He went out formally attired
In an attempt to get himself hired.
In his new business suit
He looked very cute
But found no jobs he admired.

He went home to his wife named Mallory
Who oft whined 'bout his salary.
She showed no contrition
When without his permission
She called his friend, Bob O'Hallery.

Mr O'Hallery liked to ride scooters
To his favorite bar and drink shooters.
His speech was slurred
As he put in a good word
And got Billy a job at Hooters.

Now Billy's a big time bouncer
Who drinks a forty ouncer
As he guards the big chested
So they don't get molested
If anyone tries to pounce 'er.

As for a social work career
Billy's gone for good I fear.
He's glad to leave it
If you can conceive it
And looks for promotion this year.




Please note that BILLY RAY LLOYD is a fictional character invented in the twisted mind of our webmaster. Any resemblance to any real person, living or dead, is strictly coincidental.

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