Social Work Career Development
Finally ... A Career Resource Just For Social Workers!
Ever notice that most books, software, and websites about career development are simply not relevant to social work professionals? Take heart ... social workers finally have an outstanding resource for positive and rewarding career management.



Steer Your Career
Author Carol N. Doelling has written a masterpiece which you can use to guide your career based on your professional competencies and interests. Whether you're satisfied with the social work profession or contemplating a change, Doelling provides the expertise you need to make wise career choices.

Burned Out?

If you're feeling burned out, you will discover a valuable tool in this book ... Doelling's appendix of questions related to your work preferences. This material is of primary importance for all Fried Social Workers! Why? Because you want to find a job in which your needs, skills, and interests are in balance with your employer's work environment. This tool will clarify for you what you want to look for in your next job.

Other self-exploration exercises direct your job search toward an area of practice which you will enjoy ... and in which you will excel. The end result of completing the self-assessment exercises is a revelation of your sharpest clinical skills and areas of expertise in which you have the most confidence.



Revitalize Your Resume
Doelling's expertise really shines in her self-assessment exercises. If you invest the time to complete them, your reward will be a list of descriptive performance statements for an effective social work resume. Her exercises practically prepare your resume for you so that your relevant skills are showcased.

If that isn't enough, you can enhance your resume presentation by scanning page after page of social work-related keywords and skill lists.  And if you still need a creative boost, you can study a variety of sample social work resumes and CVs included in the book.

Another valuable resource is a helpful discussion of resume vs. curricula vitae format, as well as the development of your own social work portfolio. We can't think of enough good things to say about the resume resources in this book. Doelling's is the only book we've seen to date with solid resume and CV samples for social workers.

Jump Start Your Job Search
It's also the only publication out there which gives social workers the expertise they require to research social work job markets, set a direction for their job search ... and discover where the jobs really are. Real life case studies of BSW and MSW job seekers are interwoven between resource lists, practical advice, and self-exploration exercises for the job searcher. We were impressed by the thorough coverage of this topic in the book.

Interview Jitters
Ever get sweaty palms and a knot in your stomach before an interview? Doelling offers sound interview preparation advice with sample interview questions based on a variety of social work areas of expertise. Additional goodies include sample job correspondence such as cover letters, letters of introduction, etc. And she doesn't leave you hanging either! She offers valuable insights necessary to evaluate a job offer and negotiate salary and benefits.

Transition Time?
If you're considering a change to another area of specialty within the profession, Doelling helps you evaluate your options, explore credentialing issues, and discover employment possibilities. Helpful suggestions for further reading are interlaced with case studies and resources.

And if you want to leave the social work profession, you'll find help in Doelling's appendices of professional associations and other fields in which your social work degree is relevant.

Satisfied With Social Work?
Even if you're satisfied with your career, do you know how to assess current trends in the field, expand your professional goals, and develop additional qualifications? Doelling provides an extensive list of relevant resources to enhance your career.


Want a Sneak Peak into the Book?
Here are some questions which Doelling will answer for you:

  1. How do I decide on a job search objective?
  2. How do I transition into another area of social work practice?
  3. Do I have relevant skills to switch careers to another field entirely?
  4. How do I list statements of my accomplishments on my resume?
  5. What are my strongest qualifications ... and how do I best present them?
  6. Which of my work preferences are most important in choosing a job?
  7. Which areas of knowledge have I effectively mastered, and which do I need to enhance?
  8. What kind of market and salary information should I have during my job search ... and where do I get it?
  9. How do I best prepare a social work resume, CV, and references?
  10. Should I have a portfolio?
  11. Are there references I should avoid?
  12. Where do I find out about social work jobs, and how do I best pursue job leads?
  13. What should I say in my cover letter?
  14. How should I handle difficult or improper questions during an interview?
  15. What should I consider in evaluating a job offer? How do I negotiate salary and benefits?
  16. How do I proactively manage my career? What kind of professional goals do I have?
  17. How do I evaluate advanced degree programs or fellowships?


Whether you're a satisfied social worker who wishes to proactively manage her career ... or you're looking for a new career in which your degree is relevant ... or you simply want a new and different social work job ... Get the expertise you need to effectively manage your career!

You probably won't find Social Work Career Development in the bookstores but can get it at Amazon.





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