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Revised:  02/15/2006

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Suggestions for Further Reading Further reading about burnout

 Authors: Michael Leiter & Christina Maslach. The best burnout book I've read to date. The authors provide an assessment tool to evaluate your work situation. Once you've finished the test ... don't worry, it's quick and easy to complete the assessment ... the book explores strategies to initiate change in your work environment. Highly recommended!



cover The Truth About Burnout : How Organizations Cause Personal Stress and What to Do About It  Authors: Christina Maslach & Michael Leiter. This is an excellent book about the problem of burnout. The authors discuss how the work environment leads to burnout and what you can do about it.  Highly recommended!



cover Preventing Job Burnout: Transforming Work Pressures into Productivity (Fifty-Minute Series.)  Author: Beverly A. Potter, Ph.D. This practical guide outlines eight "paths to personal power" to aid in transforming stress into productivity. Packed with exercises, activities and assessments, this workbook will help you formulate a plan of action to enhance your work satisfaction. Very good!


cover Stress in Social Work  Author: Richard Davies. Social work stress in the United Kingdom from the perspective of front-line workers and management.



(No book cover image available) Beyond Burnout : Helping Teachers, Nurses, Therapists and Lawyers Recover From Stress and Disillusionment  Author: Cary Cherniss.  Study of new graduates in the helping professions. Very Good!

Minding Therapy   Author: Ros Johnson.  Fictional account of a mental health therapist who suffers from burnout. Very Good

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 Book Reviews

Be sure to check out our book reviews for more information about these books. 

All books recommended on this site have been previewed especially for this site. 

We have included only those books we have found personally helpful!

 Burnout Articles

You will discover some excellent titles in our Articles section.


 Career Development

Looking for social work career guidance? Check out  Social Work Career Development by Carol Nesslein Doelling!









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