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Revised:  02/07/2007

Office Pranks & Humorous Office Accessories


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Office Pranks That
Won't Get You Fired ...
At Least We Hope Not!
Kick Me!


 Office Pranks & Fun Office Accessories


Our Favorite Office Pranks And Office
Accessories Come From Office Playground



Fun Office Pranks

Sleeping Dog Prank

  Sleeping Dog  Very lifelike and very attention-getting. You can hide one in a colleague's office while he's on vacation. Or put one in the boss' office. Attach a note saying that it must be nice to have a place to hide out and sleep all day while everyone else works like a dog.


Bite Me Memo Clips  
Bite Me Memo Clips  Perfect touch of sarcasm when you have to attach a response to a ridiculous memo or request.



Bozo Boss   Bozo Boss  When the boss is a clown, any prankster can find a thousand uses for this!


Backwards Clock   Backwards Clock  Switch your secretary's clock with this one. It'll surely drive her cuckoo.


Talking Parakeet

  Talking Parakeet  Repeats whatever you say in a hilarious bird voice. It's a real hoot to use in meetings or to relieve stress in the break room.



Our Favorite Fun-Filled Office Accessories



Funny Office Signs

  Office Signs  Funny signs you can post around the work place.


Fortune Balls

  Fortune Balls  Just ask the ball a question and get a silly answer. We especially like the Excuse Ball and Sarcastic Ball.


Beach In A Box

  Zen Gardens  Lots of sand box toys for the office. The Beach in a Box is our favorite!


Don't take our word for it.
Visit Office Playground and
Discover how much fun work can be!







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